I am known as Conscious Plat. I am a Nubian Queen who's mission is to help empower others through music and my outreach. I create songs which raises awareness of many issues such as homelessness, domestic violence and many other crucial messages. I began singing at the very young age of nine years old. I was in a family singing group which consisted of my Mother and Grandmother. I would often lead songs and wow many as being a little girl with a powerful voice. Along with my family group I sung in homeless shelters, hospitals, prison facilities and local musical concerts. As I grew up I began to use my voice to spread knowledge and disseminate crucial messages.
After going through a Spiritual Reawakening I knew I was chosen at birth to be a vessel and use my voice to inspire and uplift others through song. My mission is to Unite and Empower People of African descent around the world as well as promote global Peace. I am a unsigned writer, singer, poet and producer. I have been told by many that my music uplifts and inspires People all over the world. You can find my poems, songs, videos and rap songs on various sites online. You can also visit my website www.consciousplat.com  I added an enormous amount of content to the site over the years. The site is very informative and promotes uniting with your brothers and sisters. Peace and Unity.